Who is TribalHearth?

Tribal Hearth is an organization of volunteers and like-minded individuals, fulfilling a common purpose of enriching the Ontario pagan community, as well as pagan culture abroad. The guiding force of the group is the tribal council, comprised of nine directors of varying faiths and from all walks of life. Collectively they have over 100 years of experience directly related to the management and administration of festivals and other public events.

We currently run two annual events; Hearthfire (August) and Northern Lights Gathering.


Our mandate is threefold - enriching communities; spirituality and personal growth; and positively redefining the general public perception of paganism.

Enrching Communitees

Our first goal is the cultivation of healthy and sustainable pagan communities. We help to provide safe places for persons of polytheistic earth-based spiritualities to celebrate and share together on sacred communal land. This is done through the support and nurturing of permanent sacred space, as well as by hosting community events with the following targets in mind:

Spirituality and Personal Growth

Our second goal, is creating opportunities for inspiring personal and spiritual growth. This includes building pan-denominational systems and strategies for spurring personal development and experiencing reality in ways that transcend thought and language. This includes:

Positively Redefining General Public Perception of Paganism

Our third goal is much larger in scope. This includes:


  • No politics. No drama.
  • Personal accountability
  • To create a safe environment
  • Quality over quantity
  • Behavioural standards for mutual courtesy and respect


  • If you don’t like something, offer a solution and volunteer to make it better
  • It’s not about organizers - it's about the attendees
  • Those who come should always leave with a feeling that they've learned or grown in some way
  • Reinforce practical skills that translate into everyday life
  • Focus on the celebration of the Gods
  • Provide a safe place to learn and grow
  • Approach every situation with kindness first